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Philanthropy Financial Management

Philanthropy Financial is dedicated to serving the unique needs of Non-Profit 501(c)3s, their Board members and their employees.  We work with every aspect of NGO operations and the challenges you face.  What sets us apart from the crowd?  Nonprofit Management is not a "part" of our business...IT IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS!  Let us push your organization to maximum achievement.  Focus on growing your organization.  Let us manage the Fiduciary responsibilities of investing and financial management for your organization and your people.

Fiduciary Relief For Your Non-Profit

How We Work

Our Advisors are Accredited Investment fiduciary (AIF) Professionals, Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analysts (AIFA), and Professional Plan Consultants (PPC) with over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience needed to best serve our clients interests. Using CEFEX Investment Fiduciary tools, we assist NGOs in meeting their fiduciary obligations by applying Fi360's Prudent Practices and investment procedures.  We work with NGOs from asset management to 403(b) set-up and management, to special needs of Board Members all the way to financial planning services for NGO employees and their families.

Our Process

Fiduciary-minded Advisors work with NGO Boards and Executive Directors to pursue their financial goals while providing the confidence that comes from a fiduciary standard of loyalty and care.  

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What is a Fiduciary

Over 100 years of combined education, experience, and training  have prepared us to guide your NGO through levels 1, 2, & 3 fiduciary assessments. 

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Our Values

Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.  Philanthropy Financial operates under the 7 Global Fiduciary Precepts.

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Community Involvement

Philanthropy Financial employees are involved with and support Non-Profit organizations around the world. 

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J. Todd Watkins - CEO & Founder

Todd began his financial career in 1984 working in his Father's investment firm.  He is currently in the dissertation phase of earning his Doctorate of Business (DBA) in Nonprofit Leadership and Management.  His current field of research is Qualitative based research on the impact of a cross-cultural higher education on empathy and intercultural competency.  Todd's experience helps Non-Profits measure their impact on and ability to attract multi-cultural donors.

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Meet Our Team

Gary Lutrick

Gary Lutrick, MBA, RFC

Strategic Partner

Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers, PPC

Strategic Partner

Morgan Marlin

Morgan Marlin

Director of Financial Planning

Stanley Smiley

Stanley R. Smiley, Esq., J.D.

Estate and Tax Planning Team

Juliet Hendrickson

Juliet A. Hendrickson, Esq., J.D.

Estate and Tax Planning Team

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