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What is a Fiduciary?

For Nonprofits, everything.

Fi360 defines an investment fiduciary as someone who is providing investment advice or managing the assets of another person and stands in a special relationship of trust, confidence and/or legal responsibility.

Investment fiduciaries can be divided generally into three groups: Investment Stewards, Investment Advisors, and Investment Managers.

An Investment Steward is a person who has the
legal responsibility for managing investment decisions, including plan sponsors, trustees and investment committee members.

An Investment Advisor is a professional who is responsible for providing investment advice and/or managing investment decisions. Investment Advisors include wealth managers, financial advisors, trust officers, financial consultants, investment consultants, financial planners and fiduciary advisers.  

An Investment Manager is a professional who has discretion to select specific securities for separate accounts, mutual and exchange-traded funds, commingled trusts and unit trusts.

Learn all the ways we enable adherence to a prudent fiduciary process!

Are you doing all you can to protect and enhance your nonprofit’s reputation?  Boards of directors, Officers, and Executive Directors, entrusted with a nonprofit’s assets, have a fiduciary duty to ensure that a nonprofit’s assets are used according to donor intent and to support the nonprofit’s mission.

Enhance your nonprofit’s reputation and you enhance its value to donors and beneficiaries.  In a tighter charitable giving environment – transparency, good governance and fiduciary best practices assure and help retain donors, who see that you are committed to the donors’ cause.  They seek assurance about the quality of your governance, a prudent decision-making framework, and effective stewardship of donor gifts.

Let’s discuss how a CEFEX Fiduciary Assessment can help:
• Increase value from your service providers
• Reduce your personal and institutional liability
• Improve your financial results
• Mitigate your reputational risk
• Attract more donors and gifts to your nonprofit