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Community Involvement

Philanthropy Financial doesn't just talk a good game, 100% of company profits goes into supporting Nonprofit Organizations around the world.  J. Todd Watkins and the employees of Philanthropy Financial spend countless hours each year donating to and volunteering for NGOs.  Some of our more recent ventures include:

The Pan-American College Fund:

J. Todd Watkins is the Founder of The Pan-American College Fund.  The organization's tagline is Uniting the Americas One Student at a Time.  Prior to Founding Philanthropy Financial, Todd served as the inaugural Executive Director for The Organization.  Todd now serves as the Financial Advisor to the Board and new Executive Director.  Philanthropy Financial was the Inaugural Board Meeting Sponsor.

The Pan-American College Fund.

The Inaugural Board Meeting

Uniting the Americas

Donating medical supplies to the Municipal Hospital in Pires do Rio, Goias, Brazil.

Pequeno Principe School

Teaching children the value of entrepreneurship.  Speaking to parents on the importance of higher education.

Delivering water filters to indigenous people with Iglesia Del Camino in La Antigua, Guatemala.

Building an Orphanage in Balikisir, Turkey