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Our Values

We operate under Global Fiduciary Precepts

  1. Know standards, laws, and trust provisions.
  2. Diversify assets to specific risk/return profile of the client.
  3. Prepare investment policy statements.
  4. Use "prudent experts" and document due diligence.
  5. Control and account for investment expenses.
  6. Monitor the activities of "prudent experts."
  7. Avoid Conflict of interest and prohibited transactions.

Philanthropy Financial offers fiduciary consulting and investment experience to charities, foundations and endowments. We have more than one hundred years of combined experience creating, running, working with and serving on non-profit investment committees, Boards and even as Executive Directors.  Our depth of experience allows us to better understand the dynamics and challenges associated with the balancing of fiduciary responsibilities and your organization’s core mission.

Philanthropy Financial Advisors and Strategic Partners will help you manage your nonprofit to the Global Standard of Fiduciary Excellence. By organizing, formalizing, implementing, and monitoring fiduciary best practices for your nonprofit, our goals are to assist NGOs in:

Reducing reputational risk
Improving financial outcomes
Receiving greater value from your service providers
Mitigating your personal and organizational liabilities

The Philanthropy Financial team serves as fiduciary consultants and investment managers, helping clients shoulder the fiduciary burdens they face.

Our fiduciary governance and investment processes are designed to help your nonprofit operate in a prudent and fiduciarily compliant manner.

Our team provides a well-defined investment process for tailoring a portfolio to the specific needs of a foundation, charity or endowment. This process enables our clients to:

Establish client goals and financial objectives
Develop an Investment Policy Statement
Determine asset allocation models for the portfolio
Determine investment manager search and selection criteria
Continually assess risk and return compared to appropriate benchmarks
Conduct performance monitoring of all managers
Provide comprehensive performance reporting
In addition to our core fiduciary services, we provide additional benefits to our clients, such as:

Fiduciary assessments
CEFEX Certification
Fiduciary training to nonprofit staff and boards